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  1. Just made a 10 year low. Has anyone noticed this? Has there been any reporting on it?
  2. With the latest credit downgrade, GE is toast.

    Do they make toasters?

    Oh, the delicious irony.
  3. Wall Street doesn't like CEO's who kill our troops! It's called a Karmic B-tchslap. GE and its subsidiaries sold centrifuges, software and missile guidance systems to Iran. Iran used some of the technology to kill US troops in Iraq and has recently launched its first satellite! Next time, it'll be a nuclear warhead or dirty bomb.

    Immelt has the blood of slain US soldiers on his hands and should be in jail or the electric chair for it. Get rid of Immelt.
  4. You watch too much Faux News.

    As much as I can't stand CNBC, there's no level too low for Murdoch to stoop to in an attempt to take market share and ad revenue away from NBC & Bloomberg.

    A world run by Murdoch is the scariest f$@!king thought I could ever imagine. He'd slap RFID chips throughout your whole body and enslave your newborn if he could make a buck.

  5. What "latest credit downgrade" ?

    When did they get downgraded?
  6. You said they had a "credit downgrade" but all you just listed was a bunch of garbage links to articles SPECULATING that GE has a 33% chance of getting a credit downgrade.

    What's your point: They MAY get a credit downgrade??? You take the 33%, I'll take the 66%, bud.
  7. That's all fair. Really.

    I'd take that 33% all day long.

    Do I get odds, too?

    So, you're saying that GE is not about to get downgraded, right? I just want to make sure. It's not as if I'll bump this thread when they do, I'm just curious as to whether you think you know something the street hasn't assumed (Toyota just got downgraded, for G_d's sake).
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