General Dwight Eisenhower

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  1. A hero who saved us from Nazis? Or a Mass Murdering Zionist?

    “Trust me!
    I slaughtered Germans for you, the Goyim!”

    The September 1989 issue of Saturday Night has an article and photos about the slaughter. Here are the scanned images (please look at them, and think about what it means):

    <br>• <a href="">Page 31</a>
    <br>• <a href="">Page 32</a>
    <br>• <a href="">Page 33</a>
    <br>• <a href="">Page 34</a>
    <br>• <a href="">Page 35</a>
    <br>• <a href="">Page 36</a>

    <br>• <a href="">Page 37</a>
    <br>• <a href="">Page 38</a></blockquote>

    For more information, look at this brief review of the book Other Losses by James Bacque, and take a good look at the photo on this site:

    This site has an article about an American Prison Guard who witnessed the slaughter. And <a href="">this
    site</a> has still more information.