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  1. I have spent a couple of days dealing with a lot of stuff in ET.

    As a consequence, there are three threads runing at this point (this one not included) where I have taken the necessary steps to get everything oriented to my taste. My taste for making money is what is most important. I have no taste for dealking with any posts that are less than the best effort a person can make from that person's peer orientation. A person isd a peer with me simply because that person has had different life experience and that makes us both peers with respect to one another.

    I take the high road as scientist has defined it. Excellence.

    I have finished dealing with what I was subjected to here before and why I responded in kind to persistent people who were out of line by how they treated me and then I treated them. They continue still.

    One caveat. gms provided a summary of facts as he saw them re what I do. My view continues with respect to his post which was made by devoting a great effort towards obtaining the facts.

    Were anyone to encapsulate what I do comprehensively and eloquently, they would focus on the process I do to create NLP pictures, cause them to be transferred, further assure that enough pictures were created and transferred in order that a complete and functional set were passed and then finally, I engender them as the replacement for the past pictures the person acquired in the form of baggage, myths and ground in stuff that is the result of failure. This can be used with any method the person chooses.

    I deal in efficient tranference of knowledge, skills, experience and creating a personal efficiency that combined most effectively with the potential the market offers. Beliefs are required for the third step of execution. without a belief system that is totally congruent with the operation of the market that the person a partner with there will never be any form of excellence.

    gms did a factual statement. I stated that that was not what I was about. I'm not. I work in a much more comprehensive manner.

    Here is that point of departure. I am posting on equities in the trading tread"sort term trading". This was set up becouse I am not allowed by the rules of inandlong to post in the thread "Inandlong's requests of me". He controls that thread by his continuing persistent irrational misunderstanding of me demands. that thread was set up by me to get him to verify his treatment of me in his 1 minute assassination of me. I did not post a GM chart because my intention was to compel him to do so.

    That thread is where I established that I operate at a level of excellence doing what I do. There he got to understand I reject his apology because he and others stepped well past the line of human civility with intent. He gets the consequences and he gets to behave there in a manner that demonstrates that he knew full well the damages he did me.

    That thread is for the residue of continuing harranges and what people think are justifications for their behavior here. I was handed whatever by peole who would not leave me alone to work for 293 pages from February to August. I reduced over 800 pages to 200 pages and presented it as a summary. what I did primarily was delete the comments of those who viewed me as adversaries. I got to read it all one more time.

    I have posted the scope of what is unique in my approaches in the thread "Short Term Trading". They stem from an approach I developed from the 4th edition of Magee in 1957. I am a contemporary of Darvas for your convenience is understanding the history. One of my trades on one day as an exit in a single stock holding comes within 300,000 net of the value on the cover of his book. I am an amateur as well.

    All 8 of the items I feel are my imprimatur came from personal development I did over about 50 years. you can see that they do not encroach on the contributions of others except to enhance and tie together an excellent set of approaches.

    each of the 8 is transferable by completing plateaus of experience under minimal risk conditions that engender suuccess and well being. you have the oppotunity to find out how to use them. I have made my primary effort here to add them for consideration to topics where people initiated their concerns, wants, and needs. Some people have, sophomorically assigned other resons for why I do that. At this point, because of the behavior of inandlong and others towards me, I suggest that they get reality chacks.

    From this point on I expect alot of people to stick up for me and what I stand for. Excellence. I ask no one to use what I offerif it is inappropriate. All 30 books that I have written make money. I have contributed every rolalty and/or copyright to a 501 (C) (3) which was opporating in that field. I am a distuiguished contributor to the well being of the places where I find myself. Here is no different.

    The third thread I will be dealing with is in the Inedx Futures forum. It is entitled "Using ES Time and Sales." I do not recognize any propriatory clims on that thread by anyone. Especially the person who called me an asshole in that thread.

    Equities are in the other thread entitiled "short term trading.

    someone will post here my current schedule of narrating on Paltalk and other will post all the links here that can easily get you to the substantive part of what is going on. The process is through real trading in equites and indexes and backing it up with audio narration and archived recording, logs and transcripts.
  2. ...under what name are you published, if I may ask? TIA.
  3. A list of ISBNs will do.
  4. I'm still trying to get my hands on one of Jack's 40 books. I wonder what editor would let such cryptic writing hit the printing presses. Probably one under serious acid high.
  5. Im not really all that sure why there is such disdain for hershey.If you sift through the personal attacks,there is invariably some decent information on threads which he posts.His posts attract alot of interest and if ppl are earning money through his methods all the better.
  6. As you can see this is where my book club meets. It's a full moon thing.

    In ET, there is a group of observers tracking tracking how specific stuff triggers what. Notice I did not say who or whom. We have some good p<.05's on that already.

    Just watch. I needed to get this thread moved and it is done. Book club stuff is chit chat and there is a protocol authors abide by.

    Thanks for your post here. Personally If I were traderkay, I would use a Sears Catalogue. Her syntax indicates constipation.
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    Largely because he lies so much. And because he shows so much disdain for others. Little things like that.
  8. DB I certainly hope your less prone to emotional outbursts whilst trading.If you dislike Hershey for whatever reason,show some maturity and ignore him,instead of all this negativity.

  9. Well said, mad Frankie. Another member put this even a little more beautifully very recently:

    dbphoenix - Nothing personal at all - But I suggest you just stop being always the first one to drop in to write up an aggressive one-liner that attacks Jack, for no particular reason on top of that.

    To say "Jack lies" you first have to prove that he does - Which you never ever actually did. Unlike Jack, you never have brought up the faintest bit of interesting trading knowledge. All you're really doing is attacking Jack because he's a convenient scapegoat and you have lots of support from other flamers and people like Inandlong, so you have the cover and convenience to blame somebody and follow a prosecutive idea, just like the Nazi's did.

    To diminish and prosecute others is the easiest thing to do of all. It only requires a handful of gutless pricks.

    But to be diplomatic, and to support somebody, particularly if that person is controversial or questionable amongst others - that is something that requires objectivity, confidence, and individualism. It requires the confidence to step out and go against the crowd of doubters and gutless stone-throwers.

    You, phoenix, are just a guy who's standing in the gutless crowd, throwing stones at a man who's standing alone.

    If you weren't so gutless, you would step out and try to ring him down yourself instead of throwing rocks from the cover of distance. Go and do it, db' - Prove Jack wrong with everything you so well know about trading - Prove that all his theories are bullshit and I will highly respect you for your service.

    But as long as you're just throwing stones, you're just that - a gutless, stone-throwing coward with no real backup.

    Whether Jack is "right" or "wrong" - I'll step out of your crowd and stand right next to him, just to be not like you. If you want to cast stones - Go right ahead. However, you'll have to cast them at me, too.

    Myself, I don't even understand the entire theories behind Jack's SCT, but you might be surprised to know that large CME traders use this stuff all the time, moving 100+ lots. Mobile encapsulated fractal envelopes are nothing fundamentally new. Jack has put it into a comprehensive approach, yet it's one of the most professionaly recognized types of trading, it has been done my specialists in stocks for many years now. So, basically, by ridiculing him or SCT, you're ridiculing yourself, because many pro's know better than you. Just because you're a directionally biased "entry-exit" day trader doesn't mean that's the only approach. I want to serve both sides of the market most of the time.

    Nevertheless, I do understand some very good bits about Jack's theories and they have made me considerably more profitable. I make more than what most ET's consider "maximum" daily average, and this on a consistent basis. Whether you think it's a "lie", like you think everything Jack says is, I don't actually care - I have no reason or inclination to prove it to you.

    Try elsewhere, Mr Troll. Good Luck.

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    Well put. Well said. I 2nd that!:D

    I don't know why more people just don't out right ignore him and those like him who obviously have nothing worth while to contribute and in my opinion can't trade.
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