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  1. I don't know what their average profit per trade is. I have never figured it out for myself. I do know that you don't have to average much at all, say 3 cents a share , to make good money when trading 4 million share a month. Plug in some numbers with total costs being around 1 cent a share.

    The big traders are inabout 1000 shares all day, losing on 1000 and when it is a good trade they try to get another 4-10thousand shares.
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  2. LelandC



    What type of deal does Andover offer for the Prop trader? Do you have to contribute captial, etc? Payout, commissions?

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  3. I am notfamiliar with the prop deal here. We only have one guy in or office on prop, but I think that it is normal where you pay more and don't have to put up money.
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  4. DT-waw


    Anyone else started trading at age 11?
    Commisso, what kind of trading/investing you were doing?
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  5. 39, Electrical engineer, originally from Long Island. Laid off from MOT 2 yrs ago along with half of Arizona's tech guys. Trading full-time since.

    Made more money shorting MOT than in all the 4 years I worked there. :D
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    54, professional bowler, poker player and pool hustler until age 30. CFP, fee practice, 5 years... full time trader in mutual funds and SPOOs since early 80's. Former CTA/CPO, currently RIA. Degree in Biology/Chemistry. :cool:
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    was a CPA in public & private (now retired), moved to Hawaii 3 years ago... those 3:30AM market openings are rough...but then, I'm catching the European market opening at 9PM :)
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  8. cheeks


    I'm 28. Degree in Finance. Part time trader.
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  9. 36, no college but good with numbers/percentages, clean/sober alcoholic/crackhead (3 yrs. +) was in car business sales, sales mgr. and finance for 12 years - got sick of working weekends, holidays and late nights.

    Willing to pay my dues to be successful - hit hard at first but now I've stopped making most of the obvious mistakes - only trading part-time for 2 years and full-time for 3 months - approaching profitable as strategy and mental edges are forming. Hell, it took me way too long just to learn about support/resistance...

    I know the odds are against me but hey, compared to how I used to live just being above ground rocks - not too much scares me except my own ego and ignorance.

    I am much more afraid of working at something I dislike or don't care for than I am of struggling for a while in order to do what I love, which is trading... I bust my ass studying and "taking inventory" of myself to see and correct my mistakes.

    It can be done. And IT IS ABOUT RISK MANAGEMENT!

    Best Regards and Thanks to the many who have helped me out...

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    So far I feel like the mother hen. 66 years old, bachelors degree, and teaching credential. Had been teaching computer classes to adults at our local adult school. Got interested in day trading when a speaker at my computer club explained it . Very new to trading, still at paper stage, but reading all I can and getting so much out of this web site.
    Hope the old sayings such as "you're never too old," etc are true. Think of me as a mascot or a mom that you want to help along.
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