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  1. LelandC



    What firm do you trade with? Some folks are trading 1,000,000 shares per day? That is insane. Are they trading nasdaq or listed stocks?

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  2. dozu888


    1/4 mil shares a day and your maximum drawdown is only $6k? and for a newbie ????
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  3. 42, from Germany. Full time employed as supply manager. Trading US Stock-Markets since 3 years, mainly Nasdaq, German stock markets since 5 years.
    Intraday and multiday swing-trading ( after working hours ).
    Accounts with several US and german brokers.
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  4. Leland and doz.
    I trade with Andover. Yes, a million shares a day. When the market picks up it will be two mill for them, and I want to get up to about a half million if the market picks up.
    Andover and Hold Brothers both have quite a few scalpers that do my type of volume.

    It is easy to keep your losses down when learning because you trade 100 share lots and only about 5-10 thousand shares a day. Then when you make a bit a day, even $5 a day, you raise your volume to 200, then 300 and so on until you trade 1000's and do alot of volume. You can knock out your loss fast at 1000's, if the market cooperates of course.
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  5. Leland, I forgot to say we trade Nasdaqs only.
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    Oh yes, you forgot to add (I wish and I'm sure others will agree) that for a small fee, I'll teach you how to do it too. :) Really, congratulations on your ability. In all seriousness, we would all benefit from any words of wisdom you would give. A goal for the rest of us.
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    Doesn't Kevin Haggery of manage one of the Andover offices? It still boggles my mind that someone can actually trade 1,000,000 shares per day. What kind of fees are you paying? Hopefully these guys are making some serious cash?

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  8. Gene, I don't really have any words of wisdom. I am still so new that I am learning alot every day still and just trying to step it up to another level. The way trade is not brain science, it is actually pretty basic. I trade only a few stocks over a period of time. Ones I have traded over the past year are msft, intc, csco, sunw, orcl, amat, cien, qcom, brcm, brcd, sebl, chkp, vrts. Out of that bunch, 90% of the time I have traded msft, intc, and amat. The others were on days that the above wouldn't move or when I was trying to find a new stock to trade. But I seem to always fall back to msft, intc, and amat. I will watch one stock at a time and just trade off the futures. Indicators used are s+p and Naz futures, minis for both, size and prints. Average trade length of time would be between 30 seconds and a minute. let winners run and cut losers immediately. . That is basically my trading in a nutshell combined with a general feel for how the stock trades.

    Leland, I do not know Kevin Haggerty, but Andover has a lot of offices, so he may run one. We have very competitive commisions because of the volume we do, and yes, the guys that trade a million a day on average make lots of cash.
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  9. Leland, a thing that still boggles me is that on some days when 4-5 of us trade the same stock all day, we will do 5-15% of the daily volume on stocks such as amat, cien or qcom for example, when the stocks only trade 10-15 million shares a day.
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    Talking of those guys trading 1 mil.+ shares a day. What's their average profit/loss a share, average trade size? Approximately, of course. I'd like to imagine an intensive trading like that, somehow. Thanks.
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