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  1. Maxito


    56, newbie, simi-retired sales and marketing entrepreneur living beachfront in US Virgin Islands for 3 yrs now. US Army helicopter pilot (Huey) in Viet Nam 1967 shaped my life forever, 2 yrs college and was never enough. We needed extra money to survive our lifestyle here so I started trading full time 2 months ago due to no other viable income opportunities. Much to learn. Great Thread. Big THANKS for everyone on this net, the knowledge is priceless. Anyone looking to increase their karma by helping an “Old Man” I looking for a mentor
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  2. Commisso

    Commisso Guest

    21, no college, no formal education pertaining to trading, been trading/investing since I was 11, been trading my own accounts full time for a little over 3years.
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  3. Redart11


    Does anybody remember the Nikkei put warrants on the American exchange? That's how long I have been trading.
    38,B.A.political science 87'Had a series 7 in 89'
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  4. 37, B.S. in Business. Trading since early 90's. New to direct access trading.
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  5. Sanjuro


    I'm 24 and traded since 1998 while in college.
    Have a BS in CSE and working full time in a
    big software company. Looking to make a transition
    from programming into day trading.
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  6. 32, BS in physics, (barely used if anyone wants it) Been in the construction biz for 12 years, mostly carpentry related -framing, finish carpentry, wood floors, etc. I hang out here when have my tool belt on... I have been self-employed for years and I still don't get along with my boss. ;) My newest project is stay-at-home dad. My wife is the talented one.

    I have been trading since '94. Made a few really big plays during the late great bull run, and somehow managed not to lose much of it in the last year and a half. My trading accounts have been dormant lately until I figure out how to make money in this different climate. (e-mail me if you have the keys to the safe and you want to give me a copy, LOL)
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  7. Hoyler


    Hoyler, 36, Degreed,,,,,, started with mutual funds in 88,,,,,, buy & hold stocks in 91, learned about sector rotation with 94's stealth bear,,,, Used smr charts beginning 95,,,,, Started swing trading,,,,,, Attended an LBR seminar in 96,,,,, Omega research from the beginning,,,,, Intermediate term trading has been good to me,,,,, Left full time employ in 07/00 to trade full time,,,,, Daytrade 3 stocks,,,,,, Swing trade whatever sets up,,,,, It only takes 1 pattern to make money.

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  8. bennyo

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    27, Computer software develloper. Live in Belgium, Europe.
    Work full time, trade parttime Emini's and some stocks from 14:00 till 16:00 NYTime as a hobby. Small account, but + curve.

    Started march,april 2000 after a friend of me told me he had bought a great stock (ENTU). So I bought it too without knowing about technical indicators, I even did'nt know what volume was.

    So, stock whent down, and I started reading some books and web tuturials. First thing I learned was "stop loss".
    Next thing was "don't read comments of the analists".

    Could make some $ with swingtrading after that, but the main problem I had with swingtrading was that I only could trade the US-afternoon market because of my fulltime job.

    That's why I started with daytrading/scalping for a few cents in the afternoon. Now I need to find a better strategy to catch longer trends intraday.

    So, that's why I started to write my own trading simulator which simulates a recorded trading session tick by tick. This way I can praktisch trading new plans using previous recorded days after my working day.
    Plans for fulltime trading in 1 or 2year from now.


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  9. novembr


    i was/am a pharmacist, yikes ;). traded full time about 7-8 months and currently in the breaking-even state, it's absolutely frustrating.

    commisso, you're unreal, 21? i appreciate your comment on my losing thread very much but imagined you must be way older to be in that calm distant phase.

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  10. My .02

    I am 26, have a bs finance, bs management. Was lucky to have many job offers out of school, varying from consulting to financial planning to broker. Took the lowest salary offer given to me, hiked my pants up and jumped into trading at a prop firm. Been trading 1 yr 2 months. In my first year I made enough to start trading my own account which I do currently. I scalp full time, through July I was trading around a quarter million shares a day. Now in August, I have cut down to around 150,000 since the market has slowed to a creep volume wise. I work with scalpers who trade a million shares a day, so I am a very small fish in the scalping world with much to learn. It took me 4 months to break even and has just been up from there. Got down about $6000 before turning around.
    Good luck to all, and even in a crappy market, we can still learn. The good days will return, we just have to be patient.
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