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    28, BS/Economics '96, MBA (just finished this past semester), traded futures and options since '94, added stocks to the mix in '98, mainly daytrading, but some option writing on longer term portfolio.
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  2. tom_p


    49, degrees in actuarial and computer science, looking for *the* system since I was 15 years old, started with sports betting, graduated to blackjack card-counting, then poker, and now intraday and swing (when I lose discipline :)) trading.
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  3. shadaj


    42, AOS degree Culinary Institute of America, investing since '83. Trade as a hobby.
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  4. bouncer


    42, Long Island, NY. Real estate appraiser for 16 yrs., no college.Trading has become a full time hobby / part time job for me. The flexible schedule of my "day job" allows me the freedom of intraday and swing trading. I have been trading since 1990 but have been serious and successful in only the past 3 years. Trade a relatively small account which has been up 100% in 1999, 1% in 2000 and 140% year to date. Trade general pattern B/O's and B/D's although the past 6 weeks have been horrible.


    "I can calculate the motions of the heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people". Sir Isaac Newton after a huge loss in the South Sea stock crash.
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  5. thanks for all who responded.
    as for me - mainly IT (software dev.) and broker 7,3 plus
    trade my own when I had any money (various capacity). Also played poker (seriously as pro) when I found myself
    disillusioned with the market (or industry). Firm believer that positive EV gambling (like card counting and poker)
    are like trading. Also many sports bettors play seriously
    almost as seriously as traders.(albeit similar success rate ;)
    When you find me pissing and moaning on this board (which
    you won't much anymore) likely I had a very bad sessions
    at the tables... :eek:
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  6. Dustin


    24 - Started trading/investing in '96. Interned at MWD in '98 but quickly decided I didn't want to be a salesperson. A guy at MWD introduced me to daytrading, so I gave it a try. Lost money quickly. Got a dayjob at Meridian Investment Management in early '99 which ran a fund of hedge funds. Learned some interesting stuff there, but got bored quickly so I took another stab at daytrading...and now I'm here. Will be getting my BS in Finance from SFSU later this year.
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  7. Ok I'll add mine

    Robert Eric Tharp age 25, Some college, graduate of IITM's master Trader Program, Series 7, 63, 65 licensed (and soon a 24, and 55) worked for American Express as a Financial Planner and a penny stock firm Richmark Capital, spent 1 1/2 years on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade in the 30 yr Bond Options Pit and the 30 Year Bond Pit. Graduate of the CME's accredited trader program (don't bother it's crap) a speaker now for DaytradersUSA, a member of Echotrade and soon to be a manager for the office opening in La Jolla, writes Biweekly email's for IITM, have written a few articles published in a newsletter called Market Mastery, contributes to the One Minute Trader's daily email. I trade about 7 different systems depending on what the market is giving me.

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  8. 27, i decided to pursue education outside of a college setting.. ive traveled to many different countries in Europe, Africa and Asia.. out of high school i worked as a computer programmer and then a salesman.. i worked as an independent consultant/hired gun for two of the largest auto repair franchises for 5 years.. in nov 99 i became a daytrader after almost a year of study..
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  9. Fletch


    37, 1 week of college, 2-year certificate in Technical Theatre, never had a "regular" 9-5 job. Started computer consulting & a software company 6 years ago... now I just program trading software for myself. Full time daytrader for 2 years, Series 7.
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  10. trader58


    25, B.S in Business, I am also from Long Island
    Series 7, 55, 24, 4
    Started Trading at Worldco during my last semester in college in March 2000.
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