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  1. 50, dropped out of college to become a hippie and an artist. Have worked as Off-Off-Broadway playwright in New York City and as a nationally broadcast classical music radio announcer. Not a newbie however ----- I've been trading futures since the late 1980's, long-term S&P and Nikkei trades until 1999 when I left my job as an announcer to daytrade S&P full time. I also manage my family's estate, which mostly involves the other end of the risk spectrum ----- ferreting out the best and safest muni bond yields.
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  2. 38, PhD candidate in philosophy, writing my dissertation. I love doing philosophy as well as trading. I mostly swing trade during my spare time, primarily focusing on options due to a small account.
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    21, Student in economics and philosophy and I'm from Switzerland. I have been trading for five years. First I have traded Options on Swiss Companies at the SWX, then in 1997 I started trading the New Market in Germany and the Nasdaq. Since Spring 2000 I'm only trading the Nasdaq because of the missing liquidity in the European Tech Markets.
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  4. Under 30. Double Ivy-Leaguer. Background in quantitative research at investment banks and in fund management. Full-time intraday, with very occasional swing-trading. Mainly stocks, with very occasional option trading.
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    Where are you a ph.d candidate? What is your field of study?
    What are you writing your dissertation on?(this is a little off topic probably, so if you want throw me an email at

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    what about your background?
    37, MBA, been trading since '85, run asian derivatives trading desk.
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    I think that age and education isn't that important as to be smart and to be in the "right place". Hitman left China, now he trades in US. I won't also work for my country, Poland.

    For example, on August 8th 4,222,360 shares ( worth about 15 million dollars ) were traded on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. LOL! This is Poland's stock market.


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  8. 32, Cuban Refugee arrived in 85, B.S. in Finance and Worked as a StockBroker right out of college. Now Currently full time trader at a prop shop...Intraday 100%.
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  9. 45, BS in Mechanical Engineering. Active investing/trading since '99. Focus on position/swing trading since late 2000. Traded a very small account, now focusing on acheiving consistant, modest returns on an IRA.
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  10. 20-from long island. Currently studying Roman History at tulane university. I trade mainly the Great New Pattern type of trade.
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