general background for this board ????

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  1. I am surveying what background, age group are most EDAT traders - newbies are from !! please collaborate !!!!!!!!

    I am interested in age and education(work experience/school)
    this is not to be a bore - just your average police profile
    My guess is that newbie or even serious trader here are
    recent (2-4) college grads, young (under 30)??? Am I right ?

    P.S. I know some of you better and please don't flame or
    flood responses that "I am 31" or I never "finished" that
    Business know what I mean ???
    So be a good cheer and repond !!!! How many don't have
    and schooling or never really held a job ?????
  2. Hitman


    21, Chinese immigrant, college dropout, did IT temp work for Saloman Smith Barney, Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, now trading full time at Worldco.
  3. dozu888


    33, PhD, Full-time employee at major information technology firm. As a hobby/2nd income, trading equities, futures, currencies. Focus: system trading.
  4. ktm


    33, 4 days of college, Senior IT consultant. Started trading in the mid 80's following greenmailers, now back in the game swing trading PT.
  5. 42, MBA, Full time employment, Swing trading part time as serious hobby/second income
  6. Babak


    29, 4 yrs Hons. Bachelor of Bus Admin degree minored in Economics, full time, intra-day trading.

    Worked at bank, top bracket brokerage and overseas for distribution company. Investing for more than 7 years. Spent appx 9 mths researching trading before taking the plunge.
  7. Wet


    34, Ph.D in philosophy, from NYC, college instructor. Since I love my job, trading is a hobby for me and will remain that way. My focus is swing trading.
  8. m_c_a98


    25, Bachelor degree in Finance. Two years as a liscensed stock broker. Quit 4months ago because of the conflict of interest with that job (commissions-VS-conscience)
    Trading full time
  9. MGB


    31, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Double minor in Business and Psychology. Worked at Microsoft for 4 years. I've done contract work as a database developer every now and then.

  10. LMeyers


    29, Ph.D. in Development Economics (Yale). Work for an international development agency. Learning to trade in my spare time.
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