Gen. McChrystal Throws Weight Behind Gun Ban

Discussion in 'Politics' started by achilles28, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. achilles28


    Retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal threw his weight behind the government effort to rollback the Second Amendment on Tuesday.

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  2. wildchild


    Why is this such a surprise? This guy is an Obama supporter.
  3. The opinion of a General who resigned in disgrace is meaningless. Opinions in general are meaningless. The constitution gives us the right, period. You can't change this right without making a dramatic and fundamental change to a very basic principle on which our country was founded. To ban a citizens right to own guns altogether is to undermine the foundation of our country. Beyond that, it ignores a deeper, underlying problem within our society which is the root cause of violent crime.
  4. She should ask the general about suicides in the military. Let's focus on the mental health of this country.
  5. Yeah, I'm pretty sure he said to ban all guns.
  6. Lucrum


    THIS is the problem, not the implements they're using.
  7. Not surprising that someone who sucked at the teat of Leviathan proposes to shift ever more power to it.

    Myself I think the days may be gone where our Military Leaders can be considered as having views anything other than proxies for the state.

    The biggest prick I knew in college is a major General now.

    That shit doesn't just happen by accident.