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    :p "Price and time", doher. We all have to give them to the market before it opens its doors for us, don't we?

    The quote by Linda is great.

    With good wishes in your quest for self knowledge.

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    "There are three decisions confronting the futures trader -- whether to buy a market (go long), sell a market (go short), or do nothing (stand aside). When a market is rising, the buying strategy is preferable. When it is falling, the second approach would be correct. However, when the market is moving sideways, the third choice --- to stay out of the market --- is usually the wisest."

    "Virtually no trend-following system attempts to catch the actual top or bottom. Those that try seldom succeed."

    John J. Murphy
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    ...and different personalities.
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    The best trading gem of advise I ever received was: Buy low and sell high. You should reverse this for shorting stocks. WOW this really changed the way I trade. So simple yet so eloquent. I think some eastern Yogi (not the bear or ball player) gave this gem to me. Have been trying to trademark it but no luck yet. Just make sure you don't spread this around too much or it wont work anymore. Later
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