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  1. This thread will contain methods and systems found on ET and other sites that are either fully or mostly disclosed. The intent is to provide a resource for those who wish to research trading methods. As with any method or system, no guarantees are made as to profitability or suitability to your needs or personality.

    If you would like to post a trading method, start your own thread and let me know via PM or post it in the following methods thread:

    If during your search of the archives you run upon a method that isn't hasn't been included, send me a private message so I can add it here.

    You may have to join this yahoo group to view the message. Essentailly this is a method for trading the EMinis using an indicator, in this instance the CCI. There are lots of rules as well as a basic setup. If You are interested in indicator daytrading of the EMinis you might want to check out this rule based approach.

    The yahoo group listed above also contains many other systems. There is an active chat group, with many Ensign software based templates. More information can be found on:

    ET member Jeanmichel tells about the trading setup he uses to trade the Nasdaq futures. In-depth discussions on the pros and cons of trading the Mini contract using this indicator based approach. It uses exponential moving averages, MACD, and a few other indicators. The method is somewhat disclosed, and screen shots are provided.

    An excerpt from the first thread listed above:


    This is probably the most actively followed method on Elite Trader. There are at current count 5 threads containing in-depth discussion on how to implement this method in an effort to get on the same side of the market as the specialist right off the open. Don Bright, a proprietary firm representative and longtime ET member provides feedback on this method just about every day.

    The method can be found right at the beginning of the top link listed above and is discussed throughout the threads.

    An excerpt from the first thread listed above:


    ET member, Darkhorse talks briefly about his method of swing trading in general terms. He talks about dividing up stock setups into two categories: high profit and high probability and primarily trading stocks that fit in only one of those categories consistently.

    An excerpt from the thread above:


    The above thread chronicles ET member, praetorian2's discovery of a "Great new Pattern" (GNP) and the evolution of that pattern into a trading methodology that has helped him become a winning stock trader. The pattern scans for beaten down stocks, and plays them for a bounce, often holding overnight for a few days before the stocks reach their objective.

    An excerpt from the thread:

    praetorian2 also gives a brief bio of his history in trading here:

    ET member, rtharp talks about his methods for swing trading and daytrading. He goes into the details of what types of risk to reward ratios he is looking for to make each system come out with a positive expectancy. He also covers some of his experience with trading breakout systems.

    An excerpt from the first link above:

    ET member Quah has created quite a stir on ET in a very short period of time with "Something Very Simplistic" and "Son of Something Very Simplistic" (see next post in this thread) systems. The "Something Very Simplistic" daytrading system is 100% objective, and is fairly simple as systems go. It limits the number of daytrades to eleven each day, and focuses more on morning trading than afternoon trading.

    An excerpt from the thread above:

    System results are posted at:

    ET member Quah has created quite a stir on ET in a very short period of time with "Something Very Simplistic" (see previous post) and "Son of Something Very Simplistic" systems. This "Son of Something Simplistic" system is also 100% objective and is fully disclosed, but trades much more frequently than the "father" system.

    An excerpt from the thread above:


    ET member, CaroKann mentioned an interesting method for profiting from stock gaps by using a consistently profitable option selling strategy over time.

    An excerpt from the post:

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