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  1. Has anyone ever heard of this firm? Apparently they are a new start up, backed by assent.

    I've traded through assent in the past and am series 7 licensed.

    The reason I ask is that that are giving me a nice offer... Low commissions $5K starting capital with 80:1 leverage..

    The deal sounds great and all but what sort of risk am I taking dealing with startup?

    Whose to say these guys don't run off to atlantic city with my cash? Is there any recourse? What sort of homework should I do on my end
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    Second time I've heard these guys mentioned here. No webpage. Where are they located?
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    Take the sound off the page. It comes across as a cheesy porn movie. The last thing a prospective member needs to think about concerning prop trading is the perception someone is about to get f'ckd (figuratively that is)
  4. Yeah, get rid of the music. But all in all - nice site!
  5. Is the address in North Bergen your business's location? It looks like a residential area.
  6. Do you have remote trading?
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  8. It was a new construction in a residential neighborhood that we converted into a business. Myself and 6 other guys used to trade out of that location remotely when we traded for another firm - Now we started Gemini Capital and are actually moving from this location to somewhere with more of a Financial influence. We decided to keep the old address on the site until the new place is constructed.

    Yes we offer remote trading.
  9. Some of the things we have to offer:

    Extremely Low Commissions! - We will try to beat or match what you currently have.

    Very High Leverage - This can be discussed if you call

    Free Training! One-on-One as long as remote.

    Remote Trading.

    Two of the best platforms to help you become a successful trader.
  10. what are the prospects of starting a branch in canada........ as i was eager to know as looking forward to start the career with a new firm
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