GEM 19" for $299

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by thar054, Dec 16, 2004.

  1. Just bought a 19" GEM from Ecost for $229 (after $100 rebate) + $6.95 handling + $1.95 for shipping. Zero dead pixels, and clarity wise, I can't tell the difference between it and my $700 19" Planars. Comes with a 3 years parts and labor warranty.
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  2. hcour

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    Thanks for the info, wareco, just bought one w/only 3 left!

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  3. hey look! no rebates! no DVI tho

    Dell Home has the Dell E193FP 19-inch Flat Panel Monitor for $379 - 35% off code FNVXXN6R5QMBFQ [Exp 7/30, 5k] - $35 off $300 code HW3M4JVGKS8XWJ [Exp 8/2, 14k] = $211 with free shipping.

    # 1280x1024 Resolution, 16ms Response Time, 140 Degree Viewing Angles
    # Analog only input, 500:1 Contrast, 250 cd/m2 Brightness
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  4. Moreagr


    do you really need DVI??? for trading or watching movies??
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    I just bought the GEM 19" LCD. It has both d-sub and dvi connectors split off at the end of the cable. I now plan to buy a dual-monitor video card w/both the dvi and d-sub connectors, the first for the GEM LCD, the second for my Samsung Syncmaster CRT.

    Can someone tell me what the manual is talking about on pg 10 where it shows how to switch from a "DVI-A to PC VGA cable" to "DVI-D to PC DVI cable"?

    Thanks much,
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  6. nitro


    I have seen the Gems and was impressed with the picture. I sat in front of one for a day at a prop firm and my eyes were not tired at the end of it. I also have several 19" Samsungs and imo the quality of the screen, as far as trading is concerned, are nearly identical. I have also seen the Dells and they are very similar if not a rebranded Samsung.

    As far as reliability or game playing on them, I don't know...

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