Gelding Wins Kentucky Derby

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    The last time a gelding won the Kentucky Derby was in 1929. Will history repeat itself.
  2. Whether or not history repeats itself, Funny Cide's owners aren't likely to get much on stud fees.
  3. I heard a rumor that they were going to surgically reattach his gonads and breed him, but only if he wins the Triple Crown.
  4. do we care?

  5. If he won the triple crown and I owned him, I'd probably give the gonad re-attachment deal a have to borrow one off of another horse though....the Funny Cide originals probably a little bit crusty.:D
  6. well, i guess if your e into hoarse balls....

    then go for it

    have a ball..

  7. Likwid Bynarre,

    I'm going to tell you just like it is.

    If my wife and I owned that horse and he won the triple crown, you better believe that I wouldn't mind giving it a try and if we were successful, hell, I might even send you the pictures.:D
  8. look on the the bright side...

    might hold your marriage together

    ps send photos quikly please
  9. just the idea that Funny Cide has a serious chance to win the Preakness, and possibly the triple crown, is about as great a story as you get in sports.

    Being a N.Y. bred horse, that sure would be a positive treat for the good folks of N.Y. state. Alot of non-positive things have happened in N.Y. recently, and this would sure be a great positive, if it were to happen.

    I think he wins the preakness, and then alot of interest will be awaiting the Belmont Stakes..

    This story WILL get much bigger soon.

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    Too bad the jockey cheated. No place for that type of play in the derby. He should.. and may still be dequalified.
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