Gekko is back! February Leaderboard Results - 50% in the black!

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    OK - let's take that 1 point at a time.

    - the competition is geared to benefit the traders. It rates performance using the same criteria a prop firm would rate an intern in deciding whether they should be given a live account. I don't make money from commissions.

    - you would win if the rules were changed. Fantastic. That's what Hillary said.

    - I live in Bangkok because after a year living in Japan (after living in UK, Tennessee, Netherlands, Denmark), my Japanese customer wanted me here. I decided to terminate the contract at the end of the Thai part of the project I was on and take a few months off, as Japan was very stressful and I didn't want to go back. That was 20 years ago, time flies. I live here with my wife and kids. It's a great place to live, except for the occasional judgmental a$$hat that's spent too long looking at ladyboys on line & thinks it's 24x7 chicks with d***s. It's like many cities in the world - people live there...
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