Gekko is back! February Leaderboard Results - 50% in the black!

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    Tell coolriverjoe with a win rate like that, he needs to go big or go home! :)
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  2. JigsawTrading

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    Agreed - although Mrs CoolRiverJoe might have an opinion on that...
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  3. Whoa, these are not all live traders?
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  4. Anyone know these "market making" techniques vadais applies?
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    I too would be interested in the "market making techniques". 16 second scratches.
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  6. Not possible. Everyone on here says you can't do that. :rolleyes:
    Probably not using TA either, since that doesn't work either. :rolleyes:
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  8. Peter,

    There's a subscription fee also I see apart from the platform pricing. What are the differences between platform and add on..
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  9. This is a faux flawed fixed trading game/competition. -- it's geared to benefit the broker/ make you want to trade small, and hopefully consistently. -- So he, of course, makes a relatively steady and stable and predictable income off of you based on your trade commissions stream flowing in every fixed interval o_O, :banghead:

    In conclusion,
    If this was a no holds barred trading competition...I'm 91-97% confident I would win it.
    Assuming options were included/tradable as well. (most trading competitions are just stock and futures and commodities)
    High-Five`'s 2018...hoo-Wah` -- Make Trading and Your Life Great Again,

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    Larry when are you going to put your book on the market?
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