Gekko, et al. why........

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  1. you fellas continuously take one paragraph of one page of a 1000 page book and try to spin an entire story out of it?

    Have you actually READ the book that you criticize so?

    I am relatively new to chit chat, so I need to ask why you are so fervently convinced that there is no creator? What evidence do you have that everyone who believes in a creator is deluded?

    Just a question.....

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    It is all about the "post count".
    They want to keep their name in bright lights on the front page.
    An anonymous recognition of sorts.

    I wish they would all shut up.
    So I could have a chance to be there!:D :D

    (just kidding):D
  3. Well, I did notice that whenever I sweep this forum for lighter news, there are some here are rarely seen on any other forum.

    So there may be some validity to this.

  4. i've been through this countless times.

    i don't say there is or is not a creator. i lean towards there not being one, but i don't know. however, i DO say that man made religions (bible) are probably false. i can admit i don't know the answers. can religious people do the same? no, they can even speak to "god" in their head and have a personal relationship.

    i'm open to the idea that there may be higher beings above us and/or other dimensions. however, when it comes to a supreme being, i doubt that exists. then you get into who is the creator's creator, and who is his creator...and so on.

    basically, i don't know what the hell is going on in the universe, but no one else does either.

    for those that are familiar with time, general relativity, etc., here is something i think about: if at the speed of light there is no time, is there really a beginning and end to the universe? is motion through space at less than the speed of light the CREATION of time?

    what i mean by that is, maybe in the beginning there was no time. then, for example, a planet forms and moves through space at less than the speed of light. now we can say it used to be there, now it's here, and have the concept of time.

    don't ask me how the original energy got there or what made things change.

    i will end this with one more idea: everything in the universe is connected. i am connect to you right now and you are connect to me. we are both connected to pluto and everything else. i say this because everything has gravity. a tennis ball has gravity exactly like the sun does, just less, because it has less mass. btw, gravity's force is at the speed of light, too. anyway, so the gravity of everything with mass is always interacting with other things, so everything is connected. in other words, my connection to pluto may be very small, but it is not zero.
  5. post count means nothing to me.
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    Easy to say when you are on that list Gordon.
    It is easy to say money does not matter when you are a millionaire.......:p
  8. So, you are connected to Pluto?

    Don't astrologers believe the same thing? Does the movement and positions of the planets affect your disposition?

    Why do you choose to attack Christians? Why not find exerpts from the Quran? Or the Tao? Is the budda full of crap? How about Lao Tsu? It appears that you have a thing for Christianity, rather than all religion, as you claim.

    Just trying to nail this down, Gekko.

  9. Yeah, it is real f***ing funny until someone with their headphones turned way up surfs to that site.

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