gekko asks for death to all jews

Discussion in 'Politics' started by burnin, Nov 26, 2003.

  1. burnin


    can we finally ban him?
  2. Rocco


    can you show us where he said this? I am new to this board, and if there is anti-semetism here, I would like to know about it.
  3. Dude, quit obsessing over GG and twisting his words. I have never seen GG make one single racist comment ever.

    MY grandmother still has the tattoo on her arm where the Nazis branded her at Aushwitz, yet I wasn't the slightest bit offended when GG said that there is no afterlife, and Hitler and his victims went to the same 'place' after death.

    Refusing to believe in afterlife fairy tales is not racism.
  4. Thanks, RM.

    I don't know why Baron doesn't delete this loser. It takes a lot for me to suggest banning someone, but this guy is a prime candidate.
  5. Now you know how RS7/Error 404 feels, with that Max401 guy obsessing over him.
  6. i ask for death to all of gekko's aliases.
  7. Similar background here.

    I can see how some people may have been offended by his "same place" comment. But it shouldn't be due to a perception of anti-semitism, or any version of racism at all.

    Having said that, I will agree it was not exactly a statement made with any degree of sensitivity.

    GG's words were not directed against a people. Against a religious belief, yes. (Plus, in fact, not a Jewish religious belief ....there is no heaven or hell in the Christian sense in Judaism). But this is nothing new for Gordon, or for a vast number of ET members who have argued the same God, no heaven, etc.

    GG may be guilty of a lot of things. Being a racist is not one of them.

    Being annoying is his most offensive trait. And who here hasn't been guilty of that? Gordon may be better at it than most, but big deal. He still has some very stiff competition. Most coming from his biggest detractors.


  8. Even better, let's ban you both. Or just you. Treat the cause, not the effect.
  9. what a surprise, inept thinking from alfonso. i am not responsible for burnin posting crap all over ET, he is. i can disagree with someone and remain civil. if he can't, that's a problem with HIM.

    i am nothing but a rush limbaugh for the libertarian/scientific people, which are, unfortunately, probably a minority. i state my opinions and a lot of people don't like them. with my 3000 posts, i'm subject to a lot of criticism. in a large enough population, you'll get a few idiots like burnin and here we are.
  10. You "remain civil".


    Gekko, you are as a loud-mouthed, try-hard iconoclast brat -- starved for attention, to boot -- as there has ever been on ET.
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