Geitner New Treasury Secretary

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  1. As reported by NBC news and Andrea Mitchell at 3PM Eastern.
    And Bill Richardson as the new Commerce Secretary.

    Market should rally on this news.
  2. Not good, a wall street piker.
  3. Really now???

    Then why was he the lead "architect" of allowing LEHMAN to go under?
  4. Obama should have put an honest business man in there, but he chose a wall street jew.

    So we get more of the same , like Ben and Paulson have given us.
  5. empee


    If this is the case I'm really disappointed. What happened to "change"? This bodes poorly for replacing Ben Bernanke or putting someone like Volcker back in.
  6. I hope Tim "Oh nothing is gonna happen, brokers have failed before" Geitner learned his lesson from letting LEH blow up
  7. Surdo


    Nice call, I nailed 10 handles!
  8. Better take it quick, it may just be a Friday rumor.
  9. Jim Rogers says he is a clown.:)
  10. Thanks, but I hope you made more than just 10 handles . . . since we just moved 50!
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