Geitner F'ing Sucks!!!

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    "No more lehman"

    [repeated line] "healing economy" ... "while the economy HEALS..." ... "to let the economy heal itself"

    Someone please explain, if you will, why anyone should believe what he says and believe he may even not be a narcissist... I suppose its good news though, because he's consistently wrong...
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    I have been saying this for years, everything he says is pretty much worthless, he has been wrong the entire time, do you really think he is going to be honest with the public, fuck no, he is trying to calm the situation which if you believe what he says you are a complete fool.
  3. I heard a few branches of BAC have a picture od Geithner in the lobby and on few occasions when the employee's opened up in the morning they notices his face was gnawed off. They suspect rats....:cool:
  4. corrupt and failed regulator. president moron still thinks the advice he gets from that crew is worthwhile. amazing. No more retards from Harvard
  5. I think he is a Dartmouth guy, just like the last POS Treasury Secretary.
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    Is there a trade in here somewhere?
  7. Long apathy, short responsibility.
  8. Yeah but he paid well for sucking and looks doing it. The orders come down give the spiel and dumbfounds the public with Fed speak. If it wasn't him it would be some other knuclehead/puppet. The mass media seems to have a fun time him most other polictcal leaders wish they had the promom time he gets. Maybe he will run for President (heavy sarcasim)

  9. Now children,today it's the letter L.
    L is for liar
    And does anyone know whos' picture this is?
    Yes!,that's right, it's Timothy glove puppet
    Little timmy is playing with his friends inside the big white house...
  10. Geitner never had a real private sector job, like Obama & most of his advisors. [​IMG]
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