Geitner: Auditing the Fed is a “line that we don’t want to cross”

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    Surprise, surprise.

    Lackey-Boy Geitner comes out swinging for his Banker Masters. Apparently, Taxpayers have no business asking questions about their money!! Just leave that to Geitner and his Wallstreet buddies. They'll take care of everything...

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  2. I'm really hoping Bloomberg ultimately prevails in its current FOIA lawsuit.

    Releasing the Federal Reserve data that Bloomberg is requesting will be a true wake-up call for some Americans who are now apathetic to the Fed and their role in average Americans' lives.
  3. achilles28


    4 Trillion in black-transactions loaned to whom? And for what purpose???

    Yep, America is ruled by Bankers.

    Even the Democrats admitted it:

    Durbin On Congress: The Banks "Own The Place"

    “The banks run the place,” [Congressmen] Peterson said. “I will tell you what the problem is — they give three times more money than the next biggest group. It’s huge the amount of money they put into politics.”

    Its a Paper Wall. Special Interests get their boys elected. In return, Congress pass law that favors, protects and rescues their donors !

    All at the Taxpayers expense.

    The best Democracy Money Can Buy, eh? Government for and by, Corporations.
  4. JB3


    LOL. That's because the Feds are completely non compliance and out of control, their books is worst than Enron's. We don't want to cross it because all we're going to find is an empty room with a printing press.
  5. I just read today that North Korea's leader, King Jung ll, might be dead, since 2003 actually! The proof is a japanese professor proclaiming as much and many photoshopped pictures that have horrible gaps. The latest one has him without shadows. Then there's one standing for a pose next to his military buddies, and a black podium line around King Jung ll is mysteriously gone.

    I say dead. Have some fun, look it up.

    But the international community, AKA UN, USA, will not want to admit this. It will be a farce. Apparently he had "cancer" just a few days ago. Pretty soon he'll be in the "ER" and then "dead".

    Anyway, that's the US economy basically. It died in 2003, and the Feds have been denying it ever since. Does anyone believe there still is any gold at Fort Knox? I mean it's a scam, and the books are cooked. And so the money is somewhere else, like CIA operations, swiss bank accounts, who knows. Maybe other central banks also have fraudulent books.
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    What line is crossed by telling the truth? Ridiculous
  7. I think that he and Bernanke are worried that making this info PUBLIC will allow people to see just WHO the weakest banks are in the financial system and cause a run on them.
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    Definitely off-topic, but gee don't you think Bill Clinton would have noticed that Kim Jong il was dead when he met with him?
  9. Instead of getting foaming mad on getting free health care, Some lunatic birther should hang this little bitch.
  10. If only I was a trained sniper.
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