Geithner's E-Mails, Phone Logs Subpoenaed by House

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    What is fascinating is they are asking for all kinds of records from the Fed, not the Treasury. The Fed who claim secrecy as some kind of right, will have to do it, unless someone makes this congressman back down. This will be very interesting.
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    He is more than toast.......and he will bring the whole house down with him....GS! The board of directors of the Fed at the time have GS people sititng on it, talk about a monumnetal conflict of interest. Greed and arrogance at its finest!
  4. If this happens should we get short? What are the odds of the good guys ever winning outside of hollywood?
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    Does that mean he wont be the next candidate to appear on the next $500 dollar bill?
  6. Squeak little bitch scholari (tim geithner) is in a heap of shit over this one, watch the first 30 seconds of this vid, the resemblance is uncanny if you ever watched basketball.
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  8. Just saw this.

    Don't get excited, Geithner will find a way not to comply for the truly sensitive information.

    Save this prediction.
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    I don't like the way Timmy handles himself. He comes across like a real sleezball. And then there is all the crap he pulls.

    I hope they burn his a__ good.
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