Geithner warns of future bailouts

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    Good article. A little more balanced treatment of the bailouts than you usually see
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    Well you can thank these guys for the new bull market. Its nice to have a change of pace since the rampant uncertainty starting in 2008. I'm expecting DOW 18,000 this decade, which isn't spectacular but better than the last decade. Although sooner or later the government is going to crash the rebound it created by ruining itself with debt and impossible guarantees.
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    You will probably get dow 18,000 this decade, maybe 28,000 maybe even 50,000, but when the collapse comes you will be able to buy stocks with the dow below 10,000 once again. Everyone is going to be really excited on how long this bull run will last, but when the bull run ends, which they ALL DO, the correction will be substantial. Look at the Nikkei back in the 90's above 30k, and look where it is today after 20 years, hasn't done much, so keep hoping for dow 20,000 and dow 42,000 and wait till the next collapse because our market will take decades to climb out of every collapse it has due to speculation and asset bubbles. Remember the only way this economy and market grows is through the creation of asset bubble, huge asset bubbles!!!!
  5. the problem with companies like citigroup or lehman aig is that shareholders and bondholders are like sheep..

    shareholdes have absolutely no power in how the companies operate or pay scale of management..the management of these banks and many companies are and act like kings.

    a ceo should be paid more than 20 times the average worker fo the company..

    obama makes less than a bank ceo.

    obama job is more important to Americans.

    barkley ceo gets 75 million..etc.

    there is just too much corporate embezzlemetn and corrruption causing companeis to go bankrupt

    the subprime was corporate corruption and the crash in 1929 was financial corruption.

    markets have no rules and regulations and management fo thes corporations can do whatever they want including giving themself a 10 million dollar raise..the CEO chooses the board of directors..the board of directors votes on ceo salary.

    corporate america, corporate welfare, corporate embezzlement

    the whole point of bailouts is to prevent companies from going bankrupt and closing their business ==lay offs etc..

  6. Anybody can do a better job than Obama. Also Obama's job is important for the world.
  7. Never ending story....................
  8. Anybody can donate somebody else (other people's) hard earned money. Obama is worth $5 million. How did Obama donate multi-Trillions dollars to giant companies? Anybody can print and donate money.