Geithner to EU: Give your banks a stress test and give them all the money they need!

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  2. Has he paid his back taxes yet?

    Did he file this year?
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    I don't understand why he keeps saying the stress test worked. It was the abandonment of mark-to-market that worked.
  4. Bingo.

    If FASB 157 was enforced like it should here, this market would have a stroke.
  5. schizo


    What do you mean by "worked"? How can you claim anything worked when you essentially changed the rule of the game in midair? Plus what the hell is the need for the rules if you can change them at will whenever you find them inconvenient?
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    Yes, your implication is correct: "worked" is a misnomer. In any case, it worked well enough for us to make some money, huh?
  7. Lehman passed the stress test.:cool:
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    The mistakes spend your way out of trouble.....are going to bring this country into the first wave of a depression by fall of this year. At first, I thought there was hope. But it now seems that a majority of bills are hitting the house floor...including double taxation on top of the current taxation on OIL COMPANIES....which means....higher gas prices for you at the pump.

    Second...they (Obamaland) want a fresh round of printing press. Job numbers are not any better other than before as the private sector is still laying off, even the the Gov is hiring.

    The shit is really gona hit the fan and it will be a Greece like situtation once the Sheeople wake up. Until then...enjoy the show.
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    Give your banks a stress test

    = lie

    and give them all the money they need!

    = steal
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