Geithner, the anti-Rubin

Discussion in 'Economics' started by fhl, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. fhl


    At least Rubin used to announce bull moves after the market was sold out, gaining him media applause when the market "ran up" on his plans.

    This guy Geithner, he waits till the market has had a big week-long run-up to announce the grand plan, putting odds on this brief bounce on the news soon rolling over and allowing the oppo to have a field day criticizing him and the Obama admin for "another bad plan".

    Just another sign of the gross incompetence of this administration.
  2. I bet you prayed the market would tank so you could Obama bash. Most mofos on the trading board don't even make 100k yet are republicans. I clear 100k and I trade. I bey you make 30k you Bush loving jabroney
  3. I'm european and I think they are all crooks.