Geithner tax and housekeeper problems jolt Obama

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    fantastic - this guy was going to rob the treasury blind

    WASHINGTON – At the end of a nearly seamless transition, President-elect Barack Obama has been buffeted by a string of embarrassing jolts within the space of two weeks.

    The disclosure Tuesday that his choice for treasury secretary, New York Federal Reserve chief Timothy Geithner, failed to pay $34,000 in taxes and employed a housekeeper without proper immigration papers was another jarring distraction just days before Obama's inauguration — and raises fresh questions about his team's judgment, vetting procedures and political sensitivities.
  2. A tax cheat for the treasury secretary. Priceless! More change we can believe in.
  3. he's an elitist prick to the core

    soaks the taxpayer for the bailout

    then he doesnt pay taxes and hires an illegal alien
  4. Lucrum


    Limousine Liberal?
  5. this isnt a liberal vs conservative thing

    it's an elitist thing
  6. You guys are a crackup.

    I remember back when I was a Republican and Clinton had been elected. I was certain that the world was gonna come to a quick and mighty end because of him.

    At his point I would be glad to have a Blue spouged dress than the complete and utter Clusterfuck-dogshit position that we've achieved under 43 ie. Moses.

    Ah well....soon Moses will be gone.
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    I stand erected.
  8. globalism actually advanced more under clinton than bush

    globalism is THE problem

    and hillary voted for the war and the patriot act

    this is one case where you cant say 'if only clinton had been there' when his wife is going along with all the bad stuff in the Senate

    dont get me wrong, i think clinton was better than bush

    but both parties are what have done this nation in
  9. Easy there holmes.... my view is that "globalism" as you call it in term free trade and exchange is very good.

    "globalism" in terms of the military and attacking nations preemptively is very bad. seem more scared of some chick that happened to be married to the president than the guy who was actually president. that seams very misguided to me.

    That cunt Hilary is afterthought to me. I'm really surprised that you give her so weight in your life.

  10. Liberal translation-

    "You guys suck for pointing this out and I hate the fact that Obama's pre-presidency has been so messy."

    "Maybe if I tell these conservatives that I was once conservative but now liberal I will be able to convince them that conservatives are dumb because I use to be one."

    "I hate Bush I hate Bush. I will change the argument from Obama to Bush so I can make Obama look good!"

    "Ah well....Bush is my eternal talking point."

    You need to get out of this Bush derangement syndrome Dr. Z. Afterall your messiah is about to become president. You should be happy!
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