Geithner repeated theme....."YOUR government"

Discussion in 'Economics' started by AMT4SWA, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. Watching Geithner and Bernanke on CNBC today in an airport lounge makes me sick.......and Geithner keeps answering to various Senators, "YOUR government". Well hell, I am sorry Timmy boy that this in not YOUR government too!!! :mad: Oh, I forgot that timmy boy is ABOVE our government!

    Again these two globalist minions PROVE they have NO constitutional authority for all their actions, and they have placed all authority for their financial grid takedown right back onto congress. Congress is a cesspool of intellectual waste who are compromised and again conned into highly destructive economic policies!

    The U.S. economy is on a "directed" high speed race into a brick wall!!! :eek:
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    I'm actually trying to avoid watching all the crap going on right now. The general public is powerless. If we raise a stink about some crazy thing the governments putting us on the hook for, they just back up and push it through 2 days later, or just avoid the whole congressional branch all together and mandate the program.

    I really don't know where we will be in ten years. It's a bit frightening. I'm just hoping that things will get so bad that society can pull back to what is real and not live in the fantasy world modern life has created. Although at this point I think we're just as likely to jump of the precipice into a more animalistic world.

  3. Those guys or this guy...... you decide

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  4. Alex Jones (Ron Paul supporter) everyday and even on a Sunday!!! :cool:

    BTW, you never saw bernanke or geithner out making an AWESOME "call" like this! :cool:

    Alex.....ALWAYS ahead of the REALITY power curve! :cool:
  5. WOW.....I love this clip every time I see it......reminds me of the exact same mentalities that formed this great country!

    The complete opposite of the current timid and docile CONNED masses, who cling to their government masters as they are driven off the cliff into financial oblivion! :eek: