Geithner Newsflash:It is impossible to lose AAA rating, increase debt ceiling now.

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  1. On Tuesday April 19, 2011, 9:50 am EDT

    Geithner: no risk U.S. will lose AAA credit rating

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner on Tuesday said there was "no risk" that the United States would lose its prized AAA credit rating, saying political prospects for long-term deficit reduction were improving.

    "No risk of that," Geithner told Fox Business Network when asked if the United States would see a downgrade after Standard & Poor's on Monday slapped a negative outlook on its Treasury debt rating.
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    It's a confidence game. What else is he suppose to say? "We've got a debt problem"? Never take anything at face value and discount everything. I remember Lehman's and BOFA saying the same thing as they were circling the toilet. The same goes with many bankrupted companies. Everything's ok, everything's ok, everything's ok....
  3. Timmy, "Little Weasel" Geithner... 3rd biggest LIAR... behind Odumbo and BS Bernanke.

  4. Ever notice how Geithner keeps looking at the ceiling when he speaks.

  5. You better start rounding up your bunch of white hoods from now.....2012 is nearing fast . :D and don't tell me that you saving your Trump card for last . :D
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    His bar is upstairs. After shoveling out a massive load of ultra pure bovine excrement, anyone would be ready for a drink. Or six.
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    Hes a liar, all of them are lying, its the only true thing they know they know how to do. Anyone who believes geithner or bubble ben bernanke is a complete idiot. These debt problems are extremely serious yet everyone keeps ignoring the truth.....if they really wanted to put an end to the spending they would step up and keep the debt ceiling where it is now and start to take immediate action to pay down the trillions in debt, but they dont care, as long as they can keep the economy propped up with cheap easy money they will continue to do so until one day, whenever that it is, it comes to a complete end and reality finally kicks in until then everything is just smoke and mirrors and more asset bubbles....Bubble ben bernanke and geithner are fools, everyone is cheering them on, but years from now everyone will notice how they really fucked the economy up!
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    It is indeed a sad day for America, to put up with assclowns like Geithner.
  9. What about Bernanke, Greenspan, Bush, Odumbo, Peolosi, Reid, Barney Fwank, Schumer... and Murtha. He died last year, but what a total asshole and jerk!! And Ruth Bader Ginsberg... she votes the extreme Leftist view on every frickin' thing. Is that what the Supreme Court is all about? Partisan Activism? And Barbara Boxer, Maxine Waters (2nd worst CUNT behind Polosi), and that Clyburn asshole.. who states "most of what Congress does is not authorized by the Constitution".

    And nobody ever does anything about them. How the Hell is the country to survive??

    :mad: :mad:
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    What the hell can possibly be done, when you are surrounded by fools, liars, and criminals. Doom.
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