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  1. has anyone actually experienced "geisha girls" ?? just wondering if they are all they are supposed to be. any thoughts ??


  2. did you hit your head recently :-/
  3. Three Diamonds, Bumblebee, StarKist, Chicken Of The Sea are all just as good.
  4. What is your definition of "supposed to be"?

    Geishas were dignified experts in the entertainment of nobles; they were skilled in calligraphy, koto, singing, poetry, etc, etc. It did NOT mean they were prostitutes, although undoubtedly a few of them got around.

    Today very few real geishas exist; I highly doubt you will be able to find one in the good ole US of A!
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    My dad went to a geisha house when he was in Japan on business 20 years ago and the Japanese reps took him to one....he thought it was really interesting until one of the geishas indicated that she wanted him to spit the seeds from a piece of fruit into her hand. Being English, he wouldn't do it.......:eek:
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    I saw a special on this on one of the satellite channels. Sometimes they replay them. if I see it coming again, I will give you a heads up.

    IMHO, they are true masters of, well, you know...

    nitro :cool:
  7. Does your wife know you are daydreaming of the Geisha experience?

    Perhaps she is daydreaming of the Chippendale experience too.
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    Now I know what to do for our wedding anniversary.
    A little slap and tickle geisha style.....
    some white and pink makeup
    a silk kimono
    some pillows on the floor
    and a tape of sampan music.
    :D :D
  9. Or she's likely experiencing Chipp Dale, the local high school football coach :-/

  10. yes, she likes geishas also.


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