Geico has officially created the most annoying f%?&$#% commercial ever.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Hello, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. Hello


    I will never buy a geico product again, solely because of this commercial, it plays repeatedly on TV. I honestly want to punch someone when this ad comes on. I would like to find the marketing geniuses who thought of this and strangle the life out of them.

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  2. It's not that bad, come on

  3. Yeah, but you have to give them credit for this one:

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  4. jem


    that pig going we wee wee all the way home made me fall of the chair laughing because it was so annoying.

    I think it is awesome... but then I have a 7 month old daughter who like playing with here little piggies.
  5. Hello


    LOL now that is actually funny, he reminds me of the drill sargeant from full metal jacket, me and my friends always joked with each other over that guy.
  6. Hello


    I guess since he actually is that guy the analogy makes sense, sorry i was thinking about other things.....
  7. Bingo!! The ad is targeting the next generation of those who need car insurance.

    The lizard was designed to keep an image in those young kids head so when they became car owners Lizard = car insurance= Geico.

    of course I could be wrong.:p
  8. Hello


    Sit there working spreadsheets all day while you are a trader, and try to tell me when you are at the height of insanity that a squealing pig like that is a good marketing ploy..... I am sorry i allowed my anger tio take hold of me, i give up, you guys do your thing from here.
  9. Actually thats the same guy who played the part in the movie. He
    got what he deserved at the end of boot camp. Best war flick ever made.

    Gotta add, all commercials are the worst commercial ever. They're why the mute button was invented.