GeForce 6800 and 2 monitors

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Sashe, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. Sashe


    Does GeForce 6800 support 2 monitors?
    I did google it and got kinda controversial answers
  2. Neodude


    The chipset does, but it won't unless the card has two out puts (i.e DVI or VGA) and two ramdacs. So make sure the card has dual outputs.

    I'm actually running the 6600GT with two displays, so the 6800 should have no problems handling two displays.

  3. I have

    nvidia 4200
    nvidia 5300
    nvdia 5600

    ALl works ogod.
  4. Sashe


    This card does have 2 outputs, but from what I gathered it can run 1 digital (DVI) and 1 CRT (VGA) monitors.
    I ordered 2 20" Dells and wondering if I'll have to add the second card
  5. Schaefer


  6. Some [and maybe all] 6800's have dual DVI ports. Just look at yours. If they are both the same (white), you have dual DVI. If one is blue and one white, you have VGA + DVI. Dual DVI would be best on 20" as their native resolution is 1600x1200.
  7. Neodude


    If the DELL LCDs have both DVI and VGA inputs you can run one on the DVI output and the other on the VGA. I actually did this with my old card on a pair of 19' Hyndais. There is almost no difference in quality and the analog VGA actually had higher refresh rate (60 vs 70).

  8. Sashe


    Thanks everyone, the order has been shipped and I will update on it when I unpack the box:)
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  10. ok

    run this on your analog monitors and tell me difference.

    the site comes with explainations.

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