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  1. I have a GeForce 6200 in an old Dell Dimension. I'm trading on this box temporparily. I'm running two monitors off it:
    1 @ 1920 x 1080 from the dvi output.
    1 @ 1024 x 768 from the 10 pin output.

    Does anyone know if this card has one or two heads?

    Reason I ask is it's struggling real hard with only 2D charts. Just wondering if maybe this card is not made to push so many pixels.

  2. Shouldn't normally be a problem. Just wondering with the age of that video card.... is 1920x1080 one of the stock resolution choices or did you set that as "custom" through the driver utility?
  3. It's stock from the dropdown at 1920x1080.
  4. You might try dialing back the resolution of your 24" if you can find one acceptable... see if that improves the response.... If it does, then possible that card can't handle driving that many pixels...

    BTW... not sure what you mean by "2 heads".. ?? Sounds like there's a DVI and a VGA port on the card.. and you're using both. Or, were you thinking "2 heads" was some kind of "splitter"?
  5. Two heads aka Dual Heads meaning 2 gpu's in one as I have in my 8800 ultra in another system (which is not at this location). Many high end cards have dual heads. Not talking about a splitter.

    The first thing I did was lower the resolution of the one screen but it sucked (in quality). If I can't have the 1920x1080 then I just won't use that big monitor (it's 42" btw).

    nVidia specs which are greek to me say the card has "ramdacs" which is greek to me, but if ramdac means gpu or head, then it would be dual head (I say that because they use the word ramdac in the plural context) and having the big monitor on should not degrade it. That or they just over-rate their cards in telling me max resolution is 1920x1080 when in reality it performs very poorly at this high resolution.

    There used to be a gpu expert on this forum but he's been gone for a while. His handle is (was) gnome.
  6. Ahhh.... Likely the problem is running on a TV instead of a monitor. (Though the resolution of a TV might be the same as a computer monitor, you can't be assured that a TV will display properly from your video card... just have to try and see.) And that card is probably too old and too inexpensive to have 2 GPUs.
  7. radamcs is name of the chip.

    some "old" card has dual head, most new video card usually has it for dual video card to boost gaming experiencing.
  8. The monitor is not an issue. It runs great on my DDR3 systems which have 8800 ultra's. As the other poster inferred, the gpu is in fact old. I think it goes back to around 2004. I'll write it off to that and continue during the interim using fewer charts in exchange for greater stability.

    thanks to all who contributed, and a very merry christmas to all.
  9. I think you missed the point. I wasn't saying there was something wrong with the monitor as a display, but rather your video card can't/won't drive your TV monitor properly...
  10. I concur. Thanks for the clarification.

    Merry Christmas and prosperous trading.
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