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  1. As one of the far right....I can honestly say Glenn Beck offends me. I dont believe that even he believes one word of his B.S. What makes it worse though is that most liberals all think we do believe his crap. Like we sit on the edge of our seats waiting for beck to tell us what to think.
  2. My father in law is in his late 70's and he hangs on every word per the article. You may be younger.
  3. Yeah, I'm half his age or so.
  4. Eight


    I'm a geezer and I don't register to vote, they get you for Jury Duty for that sh^t... after we elected Obama to reregulate Wall Street, the banks, etc.. and he installed Wall Street in his cabinet nearly 100% well, f%^k it.. I just want to find some kids that are smoking some good weed that will let me soak up some secondhand smoke... I still can't figure out why people complain about second hand smoke..