Geez - TF in 400s ??

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by lindq, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. lindq


    I watch this daily.

    But it just struck me.

    Trading Russell/ TF in the 400s? And it was 750 last month?

    Is this crazy, or what?

    Pity all the business owners that the index represents. I don't envy anyone having to pay employees, rent and expenses in this market.
  2. oraclewizard77

    oraclewizard77 Moderator

    This month has been good so far for me and I pay employees, rent and expense.

    I am probably doing better than anyone who has most of their money in a 401k.

    The stock market does not always reflect reality. Even today, with another 400 or so drop, people were still coming into our store.

    I already have an offer to buy our business, but they want me to self finance, so I may just make one of the employees a manager and run the place as an absentee owner and wait till the credit market is no longer frozen so that I can wait for a better offer.

    Why don't you turn off your computer, and go outside to your favorite place or restaurant, I bet you still see alot of people there.

    I now need to order some more stuff before 4 pm so that I get just in time inventory by Monday since I am sold out on most items right now.