Geez IB don't choke on my 79 cents and 5 bucks too.

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by Askmega, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. Askmega


    I wanted to transfer some of my profits to my brand new bank account so I followed all directions from IB and supplied them with transfer information. Following that IB sent two amounts 55 cents and 24 cents into my account to test if everything was ok.

    I saw IB deposits and reported back to IB that everything is clear they can start shipping the "big bucks" :D

    Next time I logged into my bank account holy smokes IB has somehow pulled back that 79 cents and I was minus 5 dollars in the account. What the hell happened I wondered.
    Turns out because the whole thing happened in less than 24 hours IB canceled their deposit of 79 cents and my bank automatically charged me "electronic NSF like fee"

    Sure these amounts are not even worth picking up a phone to call IB nor my bank.

    Stealing is stealing though on part of my bank :)

    I guess I was surprised how much IB values 79 cents. Geez IB don't be so greedy.