Gee......i Feel Really Great About Holding These Dogs For 4 Days!!!

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  1. watch some knucklehead pull something around new year---------

    Interesting delimma:
    greedy bulls want to defer taxes, however everybody will be selling at the same time when the markets re-open, so they will be selling at a loss compared to today, when they could sell into strength.

    Especially large positions held by the big funds are going to take substantial hits in unwinding said positions. But people always like to defer reality as long as possible. See Bush:)
  2. yes, i shorted the hell out of that bs rally---nobody will be holding any of this crap they bought today for 4 full days---apple`s spike is just short covering---they are forced to buy-----wouldn`t that be great if the sec would just go away b/c "our options were underwater" so we didn`t gain financially from the fact that we knew these options were backdated, but we didn`t exercise them "not because they were underwater at the time, but b/c we knew it was wrong.....and it took us over 5 years and a backdating probe to come clean and restate our books b/c we are CREATIVE TYPES".

    So if we rob a bank, but the bank doesn`t have any money, do the cops still arrest you?

    Wasn`t that the brocade defense tha the ceo didn`t personally benefit from the backdating of options, but the sec still went ahead with their prosecutions----interesting to see if we have a double standard here?
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    I think you should tell everyone where you live. That way people can leave town before you shoot up a MCD or a mall.
  4. he suggested certain favorable dates, but didn`t know of the accounting rammifications----i hope he gets fastow`s lawyer instead of skilling`s lawyer.
  5. i love these bs rallies........helps me get correctly positioned over, and over, and over with more ammunition!
  6. too many people thinking and supposedly waiting for after the new year to sell imo..

    why sell anything if market is going to keep going up??
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    wish i could agree on that one, will see next wednesday when the markets reopen........unless the international start the year selling off hard early next week.
  8. not going to go over well when sadaam hangs in the sunni world, probably going to have some negative reactions/bombings in iraq.
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    im bearish, but I think you try to hard to predict a drop...if these markets rise to 14,000 next year im sure you will change your name and start over. People dont forget these posts and predictions you make.
  10. they might rise to 14,000 if we have a "perfect year", but even then the market will sell-off bigtime between now and then, that`s how the game is played on wallstreet. Its stupid, but it happens every year---why b/c GS can make more money by selling off the market/shorting, then buying it back for the end of year rally.

    You don`t think they get those kind of bonuses for actually taking risks do you? they create/make the market!
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