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  1. GE

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  2. =================

    Looks polar bearish;
    except for 1 year suooprt @34 area,
    and wouldnt show any one my realtime chart set up either:cool:
  3. Yep, 34 fails, and it could get mighty cold in the GE refigerator.

    GE, nearly a year stuck in a 3 buck range....

  4. OK, so on chat does anybody question the interpretations that I am blindly assuming he intends from the charts? This is kind of fun, like Blind Man's Bluff. I mean, does Don Quixote have a Pancho Sanza? My posts have SOME value, because they show you who you are trading against.
  5. Hi Zzzzz..Thanks for your charts....I sure don't understand charts but understand what your basically saying but would GE need to CLOSE below 34 for it to be considered what you said as "34 fails" or just a intraday down below 34?

    Thanks and thanks again for posting your charts..I am learning from them..
  6. Nope. I think your true believers need an alternate opinion, even if it is WRONG. We'll see what tomorrow brings in RAD. And I will prostate myself if I am wrong, which is likely.
  7. Thanks for your kind words.

    I learn from what I post too.

    Sometimes, seeing a chart posted externally changes perspective.

    I think it is difficult for most of use who have money in the market to remain fully objective at all times, and seeing something external, i.e. a chart on ET can help at times with objectivity. It is one thing to annotate a chart privately, it is another to put it out there....with or without comments.

    As far as GE, I do think it is still a bellwether for the overall economy. TYC, a mini GE of sorts took a dump today.

    Interesting to see the NYSE run to new highs, and some of these big caps doing nothing at all....or sinking.

    Good luck on your trading!

  8. It's not about lack of comments, but lack of topic imo.

    Good luck !
  9. GE? Gee!
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  10. For those of you who have non-TA issues with Z, i'm sure he'd be glad to take them up with you in Chit-chat or PM. If you have an issue with what I am doing, PM or Feedback forum please. TA Forum is for TA only. If someone wants to post a chart without initial comments that is fine.
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