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  1. GE has lost 1/3 of it's market cap since April 1st and is down 38% from it's 52 week high.

    What are ET's thoughts on GE (currently trading 26.26 with a 4.72% dividend yield)?

    Short term and long term outlooks please.
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    short term ,6/10/08 and 6/23/08 highs,the trendline supports it here at 26.26, long term 11/1994 and 1/2003 lows provide a trendline at 26.60,i don't have the article but at the sametime berkshire made a lot of higher percentage loans to these capital seeking firms to bail them out, ge did the same so if and when this hedgefund scam is cleaned up,they should profit nicely,i would be a buyer in here,but it moves too slow and i hate to tie up capital on these grinders,but for a long term investment i think this is a bottom and a good buy
  3. But the price is misleading, in 1994 and 2003 you did not get a Yield of 4.72. the EPS is higher per share today and the dividend is .31 cents a share.

    Comparing by price alone is misleading, look at the yield and EPS.

    GE is a longterm play, part of your net value. Buy/hold/DRIP and call it a day. At todays prices, its insane.