GE to debut outsourcing in Bangladesh (2,000 people)

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  1. achilles28


    Yes, its starts in school. Usually highschool/college. Socialist indoctrination.

    Globalization is an economic weapon used against the Middle Class.

    Money is Freedom. And Freedom is Power.

    Take it away, and the surfs are beholden to their Elected Man-Gods to set the Agenda.

    How can People set the Agenda when they're broke and powerless?

    That's the Game.
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  2. S2007S


    No bull or optimistic person is going to believe that most jobs created over the last 2 decades will never come back again. Right now everyone is running back to school to learn something new however there are another few million running to school to learn the same thing only crowding some of the so called "RECESSION PROOF" jobs at this very moment.

    Unemployment rates will take decades to get back to 4%, the new norm will probably be 6-7%.
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    The G20 has agreed not to repeat the mistakes of the past and start a trade war with barriers and tariffs.

    So now the trade war policy cannot be used, you are left with devaluation of the dollar to compete in the global marketplace.

    The 2 Year Treasury Futures is making new 52 weeks as the Dollar slides. Letting the Dollar slide didn't curtail demand for our treasuy notes.

    If someone is unemployed now and gets a job as a result of a weak dollar, his standard of living did not go down. It's the opposite, his standard of living has went up.
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