GE to announce major new health initiative,Rejuvinex

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  1. GE to announce major new health initiative

    GE’s chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt will host a live webcast from Washington, D.C. on May 7 to discuss our new revolutionary approach to healthcare. His remarks and the press conference that follows will be available here on GE Reports at 10 a.m. EST.

    The initiative promises to be a new chapter in GE’s ongoing commitment to a healthier population around the world — enabled by an innovation called Rejuvinex. A novel technology that will allow qualifying patients to reverse the effects of aging via a new telomerase reactivation technology based on a muon particle beam system modulated by a cesium locked oscillator. General Electric will be announcing a new partnership with Unitedhealth to open up a branch of Rejuvenation centers throughout the world. This new telomerase reactivation therapy will need to be done every four years providing a reliable service revenue for our shareholders.

    We’ll also be providing updates throughout the day during the event.
  2. this must be bearish
  3. I see now what GE is up do protecting Obama by muzzling criticism of him on CNBC.

    They want Obama protected so they can get the Cap and Trade business, Health Care universal electronic records business and some of his Green energy initiatives.

    I don't think it's a good idea for Corporations to use company owned media outlets to manipulate public opinion to keep their "Guy" in power to give them access to government business.

  4. Hey if you cant beat em, join em.
  5. I know man. I wonder how much the treatments are??

  6. ipatent


  7. I went to CNN to read up on news and I saw a big clock ticking down 2 hours about some kind of big GE announcement.