GE technical trading question

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  1. I have been noticing an interesting pattern.

    Everyting GE goes up several bars its during low volume rallies.

    Then GE will crash during high volume activity.

    I am seeing it now. GE up from 12.01 to 12.25 but they are low under 600K volume rallies (600K or less volume bars)

    1 minute screen.

    see price dumps again over 800K bar and it goes down.

    Also what does trading above specialist (NASD) 128 times in 4 seconds mean?

    does that mean that people are paying more than the specialist did?

    Now I see trading below specialist (NYSEArca) 16 times in less than one second. several of thes (NASD ) as well

    price crashing and more of these below specialists (and big red volume bars over 800K)

    now I see block trade at the bid 20K share (sounds very bearish)

    very interesting to watch.

    Level 2 is cool also

    some guy had a 61,000 order for 11.90's and the ask side had 12's then bam!

    so fast!

    1.6+ million and under 11.84 now

    I covered.

    My first short sale I got in at 12.39

    covered at 11.80

    covered too soon. Oh well. bird in hand worth two in the bush. Maybe not.

    yup covered two soon. Wow 2+ million. down she goes.

    I also noticed that watching the options for 12.50 you will see the bids dropping ahead as well.

    I need to put a TV in my trading room. maybe something happened on CNBC.

    nothing on the GE streaming news.

    more block trades at bid, and below specialists then

    big ass 2+ million volume crash. 11.44

    I also recieved unusual number of prints alert. What the heck does that mean? The tape did look wacky for a bit.

    Wow dow/SPY down big!! I forgot to look at the dow/s&p.

    So much for the stimulus.
  2. What happened at 11:23 with geitner.

    Look at the GE chart

    11:23 - (12.26)
    11:50 - (11.38)

    Mega volume spikes. Talk about big drops.

    Did he say specific things starting at 11:23?