GE misses... futures turn red

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by blackjack007, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. ge is getting hammered after-hours.

    es dropped 13 pts within 30 minutes of the earnings release.

    those of you who went to bed when futures were green will have a nice surprise at dawn.
  2. cszulc


    I'm not surprised the Fed/PPT didn't come out and cut 25 basis points due to systemic risk of GE missing by 7 cents. :D
  3. I here they are setting up a term lending facility for GE as we speak.

    This will be funded with your tax dollars.
  4. that was a big miss by GE and the more important guidence was putrid. GE said most of the miss was due to its financial arm;which is another reason they need to get rid of that business. GE will weigh on the financials today.
  5. gimp570


    GE is down 3.75 ..but they might take this sucker down much much more....we will does not get worse than this news

  6. Dont be surprised if these idiots turn GE and the rest of the market back up.. I'm so sick of this nonsense of market rallying on bad news, I've gotten gun shy shorting.:mad:
  7. gimp570


    not in GE today....this is BIG BAD REAL news...nothing is going to save a big draw down in ge
  8. gimp570


    first indication 31.50--33.50

    lets see how many times they lower it
  9. Short at will, down trend is in
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