GE is a short imo

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by diligent, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. technically are you seeing what i am seeing? im seeing a very high probability short.

    r u?
  2. blast19


    What? A top? Probably...doubt the market will be in such a rallying mood tomorrow!
  3. i am now short GE from 37.36

    on the other hand, LLY looks like a solid long for monday.

    it appears to me that (quite hilariously) biotech and medical are gaining steam while many other parts of the market are taking pause.

    your comments on my opinions here are welcome...
  4. this trade has also worked out well - note i posted the day before i entered the position.
  5. now REALLY picking up steam to the downside.
  6. ===============
    another variation on rule of 20 its been downtrending since DEC 20th close
  7. im not familiar with the rule of 20 - can you explain? thanks
  8. Nice trade...Are you still short GE ?? Where did/will you cover ???
  9. still short - there is absolutely no reason to cover this position in the forseeable future... unless there is substantial trend channel support or support at the 200 MA - one of these will most likely trigger a cover.
  10. resting exactly on lower trend line imo, still looking incredibly bearish - still short
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