GE is a buy at 5 bucks

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  1. I looked at the "all data" chart. There is no end in site. I think buying it at 5 bucks may be wishful thinking too.
  2. By law, many institutional investors have to get out at $10 and $5/share. Those price levels will become enormous resistance once broken. We'll see. :eek:
  3. It will also be a buy at 4 bucks or 3 bucks:)
  4. when it hits $0.50 , count me in for whatever you got
  5. GE will offer 1 share of stock with each purchase of any incandescent light bulbs instead of giving a cash rebate. :cool:
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    What law is that???? 10 bucks or 5 bucks ? that makes no sense. Sure SOME funds have it in their rules that they cannot hold stocks that dont pay a dividend or are below 5 bucks but its a guideline, not a law by anyone or anything like that. In general, if the stock is below 5 for x period of time (as defined in thier investment objectives), they will liquidate. Just cause it hits 5 does not mean immediate panic - otherwise the SMARTEST short in the world would be at 5.00 or 4.99 for the easy money.
  7. Think about "it" calmly........and then take a profit. :cool:
  8. 10%+ yield? This is an IRA dream right here.
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    That presumes the dividend does not get cut - unlikely.

  10. More like a AAA-rated, "wet" dream. :eek:
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