GE, GE Capital Outlook Changed to Negative by S&P

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Daal, Dec 18, 2008.

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  2. When GE gets below $1, the raters will finally downgrade. :cool:
  3. I have a suspiscion that GE will be the next C, not because of its deteriorating earnings and declining pps, but as a catalyst for a another bear raid on a big US corporation that will send everyone into panic mode again. And this will set off a series of events that pararlells other bear raids we've seen this year, seding the sp500 to lows again. Look for headlines saying GE not enough capital...blah blah blah. Vix back up to highs, then bailout...blah blah blah. sp500 down size then up 1000 points in a few days. Look for huge moves with GE as catalyst.
  4. It's about finally fricking time that you posted something SirC! :cool:
  5. meant 100 point move on sp500
  6. I mostly just sit and watch and laugh at half the posts on ET. THis forum used to be great for disuscion now it is full of clowns. Just felt like sharing my thoughts on what the next "big" move might be. never certain of anything...just trade
  7. Here it comes, the next bear raid. GE all over he news today. However, I don't see this playing out like the last raids...C, Leh,etc. something just feels different this time, almost like a short trap. Markets already been down for days. Things just feel trickier this time around. if anything I'd look for a market reversal to 900 on the ES soon. building a small position in the fas, despite jpm earnings tommorrow. if ES closes today at lows, will close and take loss.
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    Do you have any thoughts that the "different" feeling might indicate the drop could be worse this next time?
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    What is with SirC posts at least three times number of posts stays at 14??

  10. How far could the market drop? who the hell knows...but it just seems to easy to start spraying shorts on every sector and ride ES down to 750. That's why i'm just testing a little on the long side. take small loss if I'm wrong.
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