GE, FED TALF ripoff?

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    As I have stated here before, I am not the most savvy and knowledgeable person out here...but, I do have some free time and I do some "armchair" research :D

    If I am not is a nice little glimpse of some of that "fine" AAA rated securities that the FED is backing with the TALF...I may be wrong, but it sure looks (to me) like GE has some crap that it pumped through the TALF. General gist: The stuff that GE pumped through TALF has a default rate of 9.17%

    Is a 9.17 % default rate "AAA" rating quality? On a $500,000,000.00 security?

    Here is the supporting documentation (somebody please correct me if my logic or facts are wrong!)...

    Filing for "Series 2009-1" You can note the default rate in this link

    "Main filing"

    GE's description of said instrument:

    Google cache to show that this thing went through TALF:

    New York Fed's statement that TALF is for AAA rated securities: