GE Earnings Friday Morning..

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  1. Its not gonna be good and market might tank again...

    Any idea on GE numbers. How bad?
  2. depends, we might get a relief rally, or we might get an assrape. consensus is 36 cents
  3. Futures are mostly flat but down a little. I don't think people will have the stomach to hold over the weekend. The tea leaves told me tomorrow will be volatile and down, but the S&P still will not close below 800 (it has closed below 800 only once in almost 6 years, so it's probably a psychologically significant number).
  4. By April Expecting it to trade inside
    10.7 to 5 bucks
    this stock is not a buy
  5. GE trading with a bit of activity. Looks like those 13 puts I wrote for FEB might end up OTM.
  6. AK100


    My bet is that they'll -

  7. For many years, GE's earnings were whatever the F Jack Welch or Jeff Immelt wanted them to be (usually a penny above). Nothing but a Ponzi scheme. GE is going to the low single digits where it belongs.
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    This one looks like it's got sub $10 written all over it.
  9. I doubt it. For a Financial company GE is the only one posting a profit and not taking Tarp.

    I would say GE is probably the strongest financial stock in the market right now.

    10 years from now GE will still be around.

    The have announced an increase in cash on the balance sheet to 48 billion up from 16billion.

    They will trade at depressed prices for a while though.
  10. Ultimate shorting going on. Look at the volume right now over 16 million!! and price collapsing.

    Amazing. Check it out.
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