GE Dec $35 calls

Discussion in 'Options' started by DeltaSpread, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. Volume near a whopping 75000 contracts today. GE looking good on a nice move. The STOCH and the MACD have not quite given a screaming buy signal, almost there, but man some people are surely anticipating it.
  2. 75,000??????

    shit I thought I typed 75.... 'scuse me, I gots to call my broker fast!
  3. :eek:
  4. Nice article on B-Fly's BTW :)
  5. 25,000 puts bought too. $2M in calls, $300k in puts.
  6. The hypothetical trade actually looking good right now lol...

  7. They always do!
  8. Man - how about now? A five bagger. I got to start taking my own advice more often.