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    how low does it go?
  2. So much for any support holding. Looks like single digits next.
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    well since ge poses systemic risk, and government money is cheaper than any other money (if you can get it) why aren't they in line on the TARP (ie they pose systemtic risk and will result in so many job losses blah blah blah like every other company in the TARP)
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    rumor of dividend cut not true...til 2009 at least
  5. A company is never collapsing because its stock is going down.

    Companies collapse because they don't have adequate earnings.
  6. Did somebody on CNBC finally give a sell recommendation? :cool:
  7. Did Cramer recommend it as a buy?
  8. GE is leveraged 43:1

    Lehman was only leveragd 37:1

    Citigroup was leveraged 31:1 at end of last quarter.

    But the big question is, leveraged on what? For Lehman it was bad mortgage debt. GE has lots of consumer debt, if I'm not mistaken. If you are looking to short, I'd dig into it a bit more ...
  9. GE is another poorly run company. Buy large cap tech.
  10. heh, tell me about it I wrote 20 17.5 cash secured puts for December.

    This is crazy.

    I do not see a leverage of 43:1
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